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Lotteries Results: US Powerball 29.09.2022 06 10 24 33 67 11 | US MegaMillions 28.09.2022 08 14 24 43 51 09 | SuperEnalotto 27.09.2022 05 22 42 49 62 63 80 | EuroMillions 27.09.2022 04 20 21 34 44 01 03 | UK Lotto 28.09.2022 03 15 20 48 57 58 09 | La Primitiva 26.09.2022 14 16 20 22 40 44 09 09


We, at Mega Millions Naija, are committed and focused to guarantee every one of our players with the best service. We do not recommend that you spend more than you can manage the cost, and we need you to stay in control of your expenses responsibly.  

Playing lottery is a great form of entertainment for all as long as it is done responsibly. At MegaMillions Naija, we acknowledge that gaming can be a real problem for some and we would like to prevent any potential addictive behavior on this site. As it is our duty to ensure a safe environment for all, MegaMillions Naija has adopted a zero-tolerance policy to those who have gaming addictions and encourage those who use our services to have a clean and honest lottery experience.  

Minor Protection

MegaMillions Naija does not allow any minors under the age of 18 to participate in the lottery or make use of our services. In doing so, we ensure that we do not advertise, sponsor, or market to minors at all.  

To protect minors, we suggest you make use of the following guidelines:

    1. Do not leave the computer unattended while you are logged in.

    2. Use appropriate measures or software that prohibits minors from accessing gambling sites (for example Net Nanny Filtering Software     or Cyber Sitter Filtering Software

    3. Keep your bank account and credit card details in a safe place so no minor can access them, and never disclose these details to minors.

    4. If you notice that anyone, under the age of 18, is registered with us please contact

As we have previously mentioned, the lottery is essentially a recreational hobby and should not be considered as a way to earn a living. In order to prevent pathological gaming, we use a system that monitors a player’s behavior and tries to recognize the initial signs of a gaming addiction or other problems.

In order to reduce your own personal risk of a gaming problem, we suggest that you set time and money limits before subscribing and also refrain from participating in any games if you are under the influence.  

If you feel that you may have a gaming problem, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I play to escape from an unhappy or boring life?
  • Do I stay away from work or college in order to play? 
  • If I run out of money while playing, do I feel in despair and lost and need to play again as soon as possible?
  • Do I play until my last penny is gone?
  • Have I ever lied to cover up the time and amount I spend playing?
  • Has anyone ever criticized my playing?
  • Have I stolen, lied or borrowed just to get money to play or pay gaming debts?
  • Have I lost interest in family, friends or anything else?
  • Do I ever feel the need to play again just to recover my losses?
  • Do problems, crises, frustrations or disappointments make me play more?
  • Do I ever feel depressed or suicidal because of my gaming?

If you find yourself agreeing with the questions above, then we suspect that you may have a gaming problem. If that is the case, you need to take a step forward and contact an official organization to get support and information on how to deal with a gambling addiction.


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