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Win the BonoLoto Jackpot



Pick Maximum Number of Tickets for Better Chance to Win








1 draw is a weak choice. Choose more draws to maximize your chances of winning the JackPot

Participating in 4 draws is better than 1 draw. The more draws you choose, the higher your chances of winning the JackPot.

12 draws is a good choice, but we strongly recommend that you choose the 24 or 48 draws option to maximize your chances of winning the JackPot.

Choosing the 24 draws option increases your chances of winning the JackPot.

48 draws is the perfect selection as your chances of winning the Jackpot is maximized.



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When you buy official lottery tickets online with us, your tickets are physically purchased and uploaded into your personal account as proof-of-purchase.

BonoLoto is an official lottery in Spain, regulated by the Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.

The first draw of BonoLoto was held on 28 February 1988. The aim of the game was to provide frequent draws at affordable prices. Reintegro (Reimbursement) was introduced to the game in 1991.

BonoLoto draws are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 19:00 GMT in the official lottery draw studios of the Spanish national lottery operator, Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.

Players have to match 6 numbers from 1-49. During the draw, a 7th, additional number is pulled, the so-called Complimentario (Complementary), which is used to create the 5+1 winning category. BonoLoto has a so-called Reintegro feature. Reintegro is randomly assigned to the ticket upon purchase, and if the ticket has zero hits with the main numbers, but the ticket matches the pulled Reintegro, the player is eligible for a refund of the ticket price. A single line of BonoLoto minimum to play is 2 lines for the same draw, or by playing a single line for 2 draws.

In BonoLoto 55% of the income is allocated to prizes. Jackpot starts at €400,000 and rolls over each time that the jackpot is not won. Prizes are paid in a single cash payment. The largest BonoLoto jackpot of €7,000,000 was won in 1990 by a single winner. Winnings over €2,500 are subject to a 20% government tax from 1 January 2013.
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